Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gluten-free/Low-Carb Buns (aka Oopsie Rolls)

I LOVE this blog: http://yourlighterside.com.
Gobs of low carb recipes!
(I also follow this site on Facebook.)

Tonight for dinner I was wanting tuna salad sandwiches, and so, decided to they these Oopsie Rolls. They turned out great! Can't wait to try them as a "bun".

So simple. 3 ingredients.
Eggs. Cream of tartar. Cream cheese.

For the full recipe, go here.

Verdict: I like them! Next time I won't "flatten them" as much as I did. I mean, I'll keep the "bun" shape but just not flatten too thin. My were so thin I had to eat my tuna salad sandwich open-face. It was nice having something bread-y but light as a bun.

Next morning, I toasted a bun as an experiment. Toasted up quite nicely and was very tasty with butter melted on top.

This recipe is a keeper!

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