Friday, June 17, 2016


I wanted to let you, my dear readers and followers, know that I will no longer be posting new content here on the Growth As a Wife and Mom blog.

At this time, I have (3) blogs and (1) website that I am currently trying to maintain-- and that is no easy feat. To make things easier, I am consolidating.

All *new* material will now be posted at:

And yes, I have LOTS of material that I plan on posting!!!

So PLEASE come and follow me at Momma Duck! I'd *love* to see you there!!!

Note: I will NOT *delete* this blog as there are many useful & helpful links, articles, recipes, etc. that I want to keep available for people to find and read.

Wanted to let you know I am also on Facebook:
And I'm on Instagram: @MOMMA.DUCK.MEL
Aaaaaaand if you use the YouFood app on your phone, I'm there as well: @mommaduck

Thanks SO much for your readership & follows!!! ❤❤❤❤

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Some Scriptures for Baby & Momma

Psalm 139: 13 ~ For You, Father, formed (this baby's) inward parts; You wove (him/her) in (my womb).

Matt. 10:30-31 ~ But the very hairs (of this baby's) head are all numbered. So do no fear; (this baby is)... valuable...

Heb. 13:5 ~ For He Himself said, "I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you."

Phil. 4: 13 ~ I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

2 Tim. 1:7 ~ For God had not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.

Ps. 37:23 ~ The steps of a man are established by the Lord, and He delights in his way.

Rm. 8:28 ~ And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Ps. 139: 14-16 ~ I will give thanks to You, for (this baby is) fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well. (This baby's) frame (was) not hidden from You, when (he/she) was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth. Your eyes have seen (his/her's) unformed substance; and in Your book were written the days that were ordained for (him/her), when as yet there was not one of them.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Birth Prayers

In the birth kit we had from our last baby that I just went through... in order to see what we had... and what we needed yet to buy still... I came across several Scriptures and prayers for baby and birth that I had found online and had either printed or written out. I read them and meditated on them frequently-- helped so much! Well, I wanted to share some of the prayers. They're just beautiful!

You can either pray this one for yourself if you're expecting (tho you'll have to reword it a bit) or pray it for someone else:

Father God, we thank You for visiting (name of mother) and filling her with child.

We praise You for this new and precious life that is growing within her womb. 

It is so awesome to consider that You have made yet another image of Yourself... and we look forward in eager anticipation to the fullness of time when we can gaze upon Your handiwork.

We ask You, Father, in Jesus' name, that You hedge about this little baby as it grows within the womb, this special place of protection that You have provided for it.

May You keep it from all harm.

We also ask You to protect (name of mother) throughout her pregnancy and that she sustains good health and vitality.

We pray that You watch over the labor and birth and bring forth the baby safely from the womb.

We acknowledge that this baby is Your reward and we praise Your holy name.



The company we purchase our homebirth kits and supplies from (In His Hands-- also find them on Facebook) puts a prayer card in each box that they ship out. It's also quite beautiful!

Dear Father, thank You for this new baby.

Would You protect and nurture this baby and bring this pregnancy to full term.

In labor, would You remove all fear and replace it with faith and expectation.

Please give those attending the birth wisdom to take the best care of mother and baby.

Please let this baby be born normal and whole, healthy and strong, and at home with no complications with baby or mother.

Father, thank You for hearing my prayer, for I pray in the name of Him who is called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.


~by Donna Wilson

Soon, I'll post the Scriptures I use for the baby and for birth/post-partum. They help so much in relieving fear and anxiety and filling the heart instead with confidence and strength.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Birth Scriptures and Sterilizing a Bulb Syringe

Nesting urges are in full swing!
Trying to get things ready for the birth of Baby I.
This week I started rummaging through my last birth kit to see what all I had... and what all we still need.
Came across several pages of Scriptures and prayers for baby, birth, and post-partum that I had written out when we had Baby H. I was so happy to see this!
Can't wait to meditate on all these for our newest babe.

In the birth kit, there was a new bulb syringe, still in the packaging, unused...
but... the corner of the packaging had been torn open just a bit.
I half thought about getting a new one, but then I read online how to sterilize it again.

Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil.

With tongs, place the bulb syringe in the boiling water.
Roll it around, squeeze it, allow the hot water in the bulb, etc.

Boil for at least 5 mins.
When done, remove with tongs, and squeeze out all the hot water.

Place in a cup upside down to drip dry.

After it had dried, I wrapped it in a clean wash cloth, placed it in a Qt sized plastic bag, and just put it back in the birth kit. Good as new. :-)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

33 Weeks Pregnant!

Happy 33 weeks!

Things I've been doing to stay active and fit this pregnancy:
-food logging, using the app called YouFood (both Android & iPhone can use it). There's no calorie counting. Just posting pics of everything you eat/drink. You can also take pics of groceries, weight & fitness progress, inspirational quotes, etc. You can start topics and discussions. It's social media for food!!! I've got friends from all over the world that I'm linked to (so fun seeing what foreigners eat). You can "like" other people's posts and leave comments. You can post recipes. You can join special groups like "gluten free" or "whole 30" or "trim healthy mama", etc. You can join "goals" like "lose 1 pound a week" or "no sweets for 30 days" or "log food everyday", etc. There just so much to this app. I LOVE it!!! If you're already on there or decide to open an account, look me up: @mommaduck. Oh, and by the way, the app is FREE.
-walking (at least 1.5 miles) every other day
-diastasis correction exercises every other day. Now, I realize it's not very possible to fully heal the abdominal gap *while* pregnant, but one can def lessen the damage by doing (and *avoiding*) certain ab routines during pregnancy. For those of you not familiar with D.R., basically, this is what my abs look like right now:
I discovered I had D..R. after noticing my abs "coning" when I got in certain positions, like planks or sit ups. Finding this YouTube video helped put to words what I was seeing:

 So every other day I do (3) sets of (12) reps of these (5) exercises:

Once the baby is born, I can be more proactive about getting this gap closed. But in the meantime, because of D.R., I look more pregnant than I am. Can't tell you how many people think I look ready to pop NOW. They always seem so shocked when I say, "no, not till late June". You gotta remember, this is technically our 8th full term baby. Back in 2010 we lost a baby girl, Francesca Rose, at 37 weeks. So my body has been through a lot these last 13 years. It's not surprising that my abdominal walls are weak. Gotta get these bad boys *strong* again after birth!
-prenatal pilates & yoga every other day. My fav videos are: 1), 2), 3), 4) all (5) of this lady's series, and 5)
-arm toning w/ 5-7.5 lb weights every other day. I used to weight lift, but as my belly has been growing I've been chilling on the weight training. So I switched to arm toning.
-sitting on an exercise ball whenever I can. It helps both with balance and building core strength.
-chiropractic care-- regularly!!!
-sleep-- aiming for 8 hrs nightly-- and thanks to the body pillow my girlfriend is letting me borrow, I'm finally getting really good sleep! Hallelujah!

So basically, my w/o schedule looks like this:
Day 1- walk 1.5 mi + D.R. correction exercises + arm toning
Day 2- prenatal pilates and yoga
Then I just vacillate between the two days every day. Each day takes about 1 hr max. I'll take 1 day off a week.

Looking forward to the next 7 weeks. Feeling strong!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

~With Much Gratitude~

Thankfulness #1:
I have tried numerous times and numerous recipes to make homemade yogurt and it just doesn't.come.out.right. Tastes fine-- but the texture is super juicy. :-/ Guess my family and I are too spoiled with thick Greek Yogurt! Yum. Recently I posted on Facebook asking my friends and family for their tried and true recipes. My mom saw my post and offered me this!
It was just sitting in her basement! She *had* used it in the past, but has recently been making her own yogurt using a bread dough proofer machine. (Didn't know you could do that-- but she says it turns out wonderfully!) I cannot WAIT to try making our own yogurt with this!!!!

Thankfulness #2:
The last (2) nights I have had just awful sleep. My hips are starting to hurt. :-( Now I realize that I'm in the 3rd trimester and things are loosening/opening up for baby and delivery... but man, that's still 7 weeks away! I read online this AM right after waking up that having a pillow between your legs is super beneficial. And not just a small pillow separating your knees. Like a long body pillow that keeps both legs completely separated and parallel. If the ankles touch, and especially if they can cross during the night, it can cause hip pain. I was seriously considering purchasing a body pillow to get me through the remainder of this pregnancy when a dear friend of mine texted me and offered to let me borrow *her* body pillow that she used during pregnancy! I can't wait to use this thing tonight!!! Bring on good sleep!!!

My ❤ is full of thankfulness!!!

Monday, May 09, 2016

It's Almost Baby Time

Well y'all... I'm pregnant again-- this time with Baby I! Right now I am 32 weeks along... will be 33 weeks along this Wednesday. D-day (6/29/16) is coming around the bend. EEEEEEEE. Here are a couple progress/belly pics:

I'll have a new pic ready Weds.

It's FINALLY getting to the uncomfortable stage. Most noticeable in the PM's, esp at night when trying to sleep. Between having to pee at the minimum (3) times, I'm limited in sleep positions. Basically, it's my right or left side. When one side goes numb, it's time to flip. But the flipping process is terribly awkward (moo) and somewhat painful in the pelvic region. *sigh* As unpleasant as this 3rd trimester stage is, the discomfort IS a blessing in that come week 40, I will endure ANYTHING (yes, even great pain) to get this kid out! I will WELCOME L&D with open arms and gratefulness.

Still planning on having a home birth. This will be the first baby born in our new house. We've had ALL of our home births in our itty bitty old basement apartment. So this will be a bit of a new experience.

Getting ready to place my birth kit order through In His Hands Birthing Supplies. They are a FAB company to work with. They pray over every kit that goes out. They have everything you could ever need for a home birth. And VERY reasonable prices (in comparison to other sites we've looked at).

Things looming over my head right now as we prep for Baby I:
1- gotta get baby stuff! Thankfully we kept our crib, pack-n-play, Boppy pillow, and breast pump. But as far as clothes, burp cloths, bibs, socks, blankets, etc... we have hardly anything. One, after (6) kids, what we did have was ratty. Two, we *thought* we were done with Baby H. HA! God apparently thought otherwise.
2- gotta get the baby's area ready in the master bedroom... and I gotta wash the pack-n-play.
3- end of the year school stuff. Kids will be done with their homeschool year June 2.
4- 4H. Gotta get these kids' projects completed. Our county's 4H fair is the week before D-day. Eeeek.
5- kids' clothing exchange. Oi. That's ALWAYS been a bi-annual headache for me. Some people whiz right through an exchange without a hitch. But me? It nearly brings me to tears each time. Don't know why, but it is terribly difficult for me to accomplish.
6- gotta get freezer meals prepared, esp since we have so many food allergies/intolerances in our fam. I suspect people will want to bless us with meals, but when they hear: no gluten, no corn, no bananas, no non-organic apple products... they kinda freak. I would. Wait, I do! LOL. It's honestly not THAT hard to manage-- and it's mostly our 5th child who has all these intolerances. The rest of us are pretty ok food-wise. Those of us who *thought* we were gluten intolerant can actually handle ORGANIC flours just fine. But kid #5 is certifiably NO GLUTEN.

Yeah... that's about it. *deep breath* It will all get done amazingly enough. And if not, oh well. Things always have a way of working out anyways, right?