Friday, December 22, 2006

Secret language of babies

I've been hearing from 5+ sources about this Oprah show concerning the secret language of babies. It's actually quite facinating. If you haven't yet seen the TV clip, you can see it here.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm a believer!!!

My sister let me borrow her sling she recently bought: an adjustable pouch sling. I'm a believer!!!! Here's a few pics of Cassandra and I with a sling from Wish I would have discovered this with my first kid.

New stuff

There's LOTS of new stuff on the Family Weblog. Check it out!

Don't know why this struck me as funny

Came home from a date night last night and was welcomed to this bumper sticker,
prominently displayed on the bathroom mirror.
I about busted a gut.
I just can't imagine where this came from.... Cyndi...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

If you like your music then you will LOVE this site

Was recently introduced to this website called
All you have to do is type in your favorite song/artist and Pandora will create a "station" of music for you to listen to that is similar to that song/artist.
Say, for example, you like Newsboys. You type in "Newsboys" and Pandora will select a song that it feels exemplifies Newsboys as a whole. You click on whether or not you like it and Pandora will refine your station. Once it figures out the style of music you like, it will play an endless supply of that kind of music (but from a wide assortment of artists). No ads. No fees. It's so cool!!!!
You can have up to 100 stations.
RD and I created the following stations: Christmas, secular, and Christian.
You have to try it!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I caved...

Alrighty... I finally became a MySpace member. It's been a long tome coming but I finally did it. I've always wanted to reconnect with my friends from the past anyway. Here it is if you're interested:

Friday, December 08, 2006

Thursday, December 07, 2006

What to do, what to do...

All of my life, through school, through extra curricular activities, through work, etc. I have been told what to do, when to do, and how to do pretty much everything. That is, until I became a stay-at-home wife & mom. Believe me, I LOVE having the freedom, BUT... sometimes the freedom is overwhelming.

American people seem to love having the "have it your way" sort of lifestyle, complete with a never-ending supply of options.
But me?... I get overwhelmed in the cosmetic department. My mind swirls when standing in the pad/tampon aisle. Don't even ask me to go to ACE hardware to pick up screws or nails! Forget it! I like having a few options, but more than 5 or 6 and I start having heart palpitations.

Hence part of my dilemma. What do I do during the day?. The choices are near limitless.

Now, I'm a firm believer of routines and schedules and chore charts... but there's still too much freedom for me, I guess. I'm overwhelmed with the options. I'd do better if someone was over me saying "this, this, and this need to get done by 10am and then at 4pm there's mandatory outdoor recess for the kids for 30min.s, etc.". But I'M the boss. I'M the one planning out the days for the kids and I. Maybe I'm having trouble prioritizing. Perhaps I've fallen into the whole "I can get to that later" sort of stinkin' thinkin'. Whatever it is, I feel like I'm batting at the air, with no real direction. Kid's ask, "can I color?" and I think, "sure, why not? Can't think of anything else you should be doing".

Does anyone else feel like this? Or am I in left-field all by myself? How do you other wives and mom's plan your days? Do you have any good resources I could get my hands on that would help me get my days better planned/scheduled? What SHOULD I be doing during any given day?

Kids say the darndest things.

Got any funnies that your children have said. Here's one of my favorites:

Several months ago when I was changing Benjamin's diaper, Arianna noticed that he had a different anatomy than her own.

Arianna: "what's that, mommy?"
Mel: "that's his penis."
Arianna: "well... do I have a penis?!"
Mel: "no... girls have a vagina."
Arianna: "oh, ok"

Days (maybe weeks) passed and out of the blue on the way to church...
Arianna: "hey daddy... boys have a penis and girls have 'ginas."

After we laughed a good long time, we tried to explain that she was right, but that we have to be careful when we share this anatomy lesson with others. Yeah, right... like a 2 year old could understand that. For several months, Arianna would openly and freely share her new bit of knowledge with anyone at anytime she felt. It was terribly embarrassing, yet sorta funny.

A few more months go by and Arianna eventually stopped talking about this difference between boys and girls. That is, until Cassandra was born. The midwife had left a pretty significant piece of umbilical cord on Cassandra and of course Arianna saw it immediately.

Arianna: "mommy, is that a penis?"
Mel: "no... that's her umbilical cord."
Arianna: "so is Cassandra's a boy?"
Mel: "no... (sigh), that's just an umbilical cord, not a penis. Cassandra's a girl."

No matter how much I tried to tell her it was an umbilical cord, Arianna wouldn't believe me. She was dead set that Cassandra was a boy because she had a penis. Oh my, you should have seen her reaction the day that the midwife brought scissors for us to cut the umbilical cord off. We snipped it and Arianna about had a heart attack.

Arianna: "YOU CUT OFF HER PENIS!!!!"

I don't think I have laughed so hard in my life.
Eventually, she got over it and accepted the fact that Cassandra was now a girl. :-)

***I know some people have been taken aback that RD and I teach our children the actual names of our body parts, but we do so for two main reasons:

1- IF anyone ever tried to sexually abuse our children (and we pray to God that NEVER happens), but if... then our children would use the correct words when telling us about the incident. At our church, everyone that works with minors is required to watch a child abuse protection video before serving. In the video, they suggest that parents use the right words when identifying body parts. They gave an example of a child who was "petting the neighbors puppy" when actually he was being sexually abused by the neighbor. The abuse continued for a long time because the parents didn't realize what their child was trying to say to them. He wasn't taught the correct words.
2- we also don't want our children to identify their sexuality as being dirty, naughty, or evil. If we're nervous or hesitant about discussing it or calling it what it is, the child may think it is something to be ashamed about. Yes, it's private and we teach our children to regard it as such, but we also don't want our kids to think they can't talk to us about sexuality because they think that it's a "no no" subject.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mom's say the darndest things

My sister recently was telling me that she has been catching herself saying the darndest things since becoming a mom. Things she thought she'd never say in a million years. Here's an example: "Amara- don't color on the table with your cheese! Cheese is for eating- not coloring with!!"

You other mom's out there... what are some crazy/silly things you've caught yourself saying? I'd love to hear them!

How nutritious is this food?

Ever wonder how healthy the food you prepare for your family is? Check out this website. All you have to do is enter all the ingredients from your recipe and it will show you a nutrition label (just like you'd see on the side of something pre-packaged that you buy) with the calories, fat, fiber, vitamins, etc. You can even print these labels off to post on your recipe cards. My sister discovered this and has been totally impressed. The only tedious thing is at the beginning when you have to enter all the ingredients into your "pantry". Once the info is saved, though, it's easy to analyze your recipes.

Have fun!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Need a laugh?

Doc Hamstrung's at it again. If you need a laugh, see the Doc.