Monday, March 30, 2009

Recipes for homemade baby food!

This looks like a neat site!

And this...

Ok, and this one, too.

One last one, I promise.


I'm still here. It's just been crazy at my house with traveling, illness, and my girlfriend having her baby. Promise to post soon... Thanks for hanging in there. :-)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Clean and Green!

Here's a fantastic website if you are interested in making your own clean and green household cleaners:


Pesticides OFF!

Can't buy organic because it's too pricey?!
Here's a quick and easy way to remove pesticides and other impurities from your veggies and fruit!

Add 1 tsp. of bleach to 1 gallon of water and let soak for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly! You can also soak your fruits in veggies in hydrogen peroxide for 10 min., too. Rinse thoroughly.

Swollen with child!

In my more recent posts, I stated that I was wanting to finish a baby gift sewing project before I finished the Peter Pan costume... well, I got it done and I thought I would share some pics.

Here's my girlfriend, Rebekah, very swollen with child. I am SO bummed this came out all blurry, but it works. She's a walking time-bomb, my friends. Her due date is (Friday) March 13, so she is ready to go!!! And she is ALL baby!!! We cannot WAIT to meet little Kara Sophia or Kal Michael!!!

Here's the project I was working on. I took some gender-neutral fabric and cut out little "K"s (the beginning letter of their baby's name) and I sewed it onto some onesies, leaving a little bit of an edge to them. I didn't get a chance to wash them, but... once washed, the edges will fray, giving the "K"s a really cool highlight. I got the idea from my sister, Cyndi, who is not only amazing in the kitchen but she's pretty darn good with a needle and thread as well. She made my kids some sweatshirts awhile back with their beginning letters (ABC...). So cute.

Here's a close-up.
I hope to get a pic of it frayed so you ladies can see the neat effect it has. All hand-sewn with love!!!

Can't wait for bay-bay's to be born!!!
Love you, Rebekah!!!

Raw milk

RD and I've been doing our research and finally decided to try out some raw milk. We've heard from so many sources about the many health benefits. We've also read a lot on what all you can make with raw milk (kefir, buttermilk, butter, cream cheese, yogurt, etc.). So finally, out of sheer curiosity, we contacted a local dairy farmer about getting a sample. We were given a gallon. It lasted... one day. Ha! It was SO GOOD! We are already accustomed to 2% and vitamin D, so it really wasn't that much thicker. Honestly, it didn't taste too different than store bought. A little thicker and little richer. The kids especially loved it because it came "straight from a cow". LOL.

I pulled out a quart to culture into cream cheese and whey. We've read that whey is really good for indigestion and upset stomachs. And we LOVE cream cheese over here! All you have to do is leave it on the counter for 1-4 days until the milk separates. Then you drain out the whey by laying a handtowel over a strainer and pouring the milk out onto it. Carefully, without squeezing, tie the towel of milk solids around a wooden spoon that's hanging over a bowl to catch the remaining whey drips. Once fully separated, the milk solids are your cream cheese. It can be stored in the refrigerater for up to 1 month. They whey can stay in the refrigerater for up to 6 months. For upset stomachs and indigestion, drink 1 tbl. of whey (in a cup of water). Can be done up to 3x/day.

Here's my quart of culturing milk. It'll be ready Thursday! I'll post process pics!!!