Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Exercise Challenge

My parents surprised me this past weekend by purchasing me the EA Sports Active game for the Wii. (THANK YOU!!!) I've officially started the 30 day challenge. It kicks some major booty!!! I am SO sore today (Day 2)!!! But that's good!! Keep y'all posted!

Somersizing (Week 2)

Weds~ Paella & frozen veggies
Thurs~ (meatless) spaghetti w/ sauteed mushrooms & garlic in sauce
Fri~ szechwan stir fry w/ chicken (no rice)~ children: grilled cheese
Sat~ 4th Party!!! hot dogs & hamburgers!!! (bunless, of course!)
Sun~ BBQ pork ribs & frozen veggies
Mon~ Spanakorizo & salad
Tues~ meatless tacos

Monday, June 22, 2009

Somersizing (Week 1)

Tues~ Lettuce wraps (tuna for RD & I; lunch meat for the kiddos)
Weds~ (bunless) hot dogs & frozen veggies
Thurs~ baked chicken & summer veggie bake
Fri~ (wheat) spaghetti w/ mushrooms
Sat~ calico beans & frozen veggies & salad
Sun~ chili w/ beans

Snacks~ deviled eggs, fruit (apples, strawberries, peaches, nectarines), smoothies, veggies & dip, chips & salsa

The real test will be this coming Saturday when we celebrate my son's 1st birthday! (Where on earth did the time go?!!!) Pizza, pop, chips, cake, ice cream... *sigh*

Vegetarian Cookbook?

Since RD and I "shook hands" today to CONSISTENTLY eat healthier, we've decided once again to "Somersize" (Suzanne Somers concept of food combining). We were wondering if any of you ladies could recommend a vegetarian cookbook. We're looking for something down-home-ish (not fru-fru) and something that doesn't use tofu/meat substitutes. We like beans! Got anything?

Training the tastebuds...

Today.... I'm wishing it weren't so darn hard to retrain your tastebuds to a healthy lifestyle.

I KNOW I should be eating healthy and I take great strides to do so... But I can't change the fact that ice cream and french fries and pizza taste so good. And I KNOW that a McDonald's double cheeseburger is TERRIBLE for you... but it's amazing. Why can't raw carrots and fruit taste that good?

It's a retraining process for your tongue. It's a lifestyle you have to get used to. And perhaps when your mouth isn't given bad food for long bouts of time, maybe it loses it's taste for it. Then again, maybe it wouldn't. Maybe eating healthy will always be a purposeful thing where I will constantly need to be watching what goes on the plate.

Will this ever get easier?!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009




RD surprised me with it just a few moments ago! He also got a silicone sleeve to put over it so it won't get so much wear and tear. I won't be able to play with it until Monday, though, because we're traveling over the weekend to our family's beach cottage in South Haven, Michigan.
I'm SO stoked!!! Beach, here we come!!!

Can't wait to see Edmund's reaction to sand.
I know he'll eat it.

Btw~ HAPPY (early) FATHER'S DAY!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Child Prodigy?


All I can say is WOW!




A prayer movement to abolish abortion!


RD is purchasing me a Wii Fit for my birthday present. My question is this: have any of you ladies tried the other Wii fitness "games"? If so, what did you think?

Eek, I'm 30!

Here's my Italian Stallion of a hubby (although I think he could pass for a Mexican!) and I celebrating our big 3-0 together this past weekend.
RD: 6/6 and me: 6/15!
(I went for an older man... hee hee hee!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Healthy foods

Here's that fresh organic produce I got over the weekend!

Can't wait to make freezer jam!

Honey from a local farm.
(Did you know that taking 1 Tbl. of local honey per day helps ease allergy symptoms?)

Blessed by God's abundance!

Last Saturday morning, my girlfriend and I went to a friends house to pick strawberries. She had an abundance of strawberries from her garden and so had asked us to come pick. (Can't stand to put let a good thing go to waste!) While there, she loaded us with lettuce and rhubarb from her garden as well. ALL organic!!! ALL free!!!
I was thrilled at her generosity and at the abundance that God provides!

Our God is a God of increase! He loves to see things grow and produce fruit... whether that be things from the ground or spiritually in our lives.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've been at my pre-preggers weight for some time now-
just thought I'd share a pic.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tuesday's Toot

Ok... so I joined MommyCommunity.com and every Tuesday is a Toot Your Own Horn sort of thing where you take a moment to boast about something you've accomplished. It's so easy to praise the accomplishment of your children, husband, friends, church, etc. but we get shy in sharing something that we have specifically accomplished.

So in leu of Tuedays Toot Meme, here's something that I have recently accomplished:
-I have consistently been gardening all spring
-I have consistently been lesson planning/doing school daily for the past several weeks

Now, this may not seem like that big of a deal for the average person, but for me it's huge! Consistency is a VERY difficult thing for me. So many ideas, projects, and "to-do's" rattling around in my head... But to do something day in day out without getting distracted, bored, or overwhelmed is a big thing for me. Maybe I have ADD or something? ;-)

Garden update

1- the only things that did not make it were my garlic, lettuce, and marigolds. (I have no proof, but I am almost certain it was the True Lawn guy and his chemicals getting too close to the garden. He should know better. But it's just uncanny that I lost my crops along the edge. Grrr.)
2- Trap Crop is growing very well. No squash bug eggs yet. (If they're not a problem this year we are going to have a HUGE crop of squash come harvest time!)
3- found a fantastic recipe online for homemade weed killer. Hope to try it this week!
4- I thought I lost my carrots, but they're finally starting to sprout! They look like this:
5- ended up also putting in lavender, calendula, and money plants.
6-was surprised to see a volunteer tomato plant sprouting amongst the carrots. Can't wait to see what it'll produce!
7- still going organic!

It has been so fun and rewarding putting together my garden this year! And what a learning experience it's been for the children as well! I'll have to take some pics and post them for y'all!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Q & A

Read a really good Q & A and thought I would share. Very thought-provoking!

Q: I have very little time to spend with my children these days, but I make sure the hours we do get to spend together are meaningful. Do you agree that the quality of time you are with your kids is more important than the quantity?

A: I'm afraid the logic of that concept is flawed to me. The question is, why do we have to choose between the virtues of quantity versus quality? We won't accept that forced choice in other areas of our lives. So why is it only relevant to our children?

Let me illustrate my point. Let's suppose you've looked forward all day to eating at one of the finest restaurants in town. The waiter brings you a menu, and you order the most expensive steak in the house. But when the meal arrives, you see a tiny piece of meat about one-inch square in the center of the plate. When you complain about the size of the steak, the waiter says, "Sir, I recognize that the portion is small, but that's the finest corn-fed beef money can buy. You'll never find a better bite of meat than we've served you tonight. As to the portion, I hope you understand that it's not the quantity that matters, it's the quality that counts."

You would object, and for good reason. Why? Because both quality and quantity are important in many areas of our lives, including how we relate to children. They need our time and the best we have to give them.

My concern is that the quality-vs.-quantity argument might be a poorly disguised rationalization for giving our children-- neither.

~Dr. James Dobson

Another thought...

... concerning femininity....

We really want our boys to treat their sisters (and mom) like ladies, whether they act like ladies or not. Usually our girls are just as rough and tumble as they boys, which is fine in some circumstances. But on the whole, we want Benjamin and Edmund to specifically treat girls as special, with tenderness as a "weaker vessel". We figure that how our boys treat their mom and sisters in the home they grow up in is how they will more than likely treat the women in the home they will establish in the future. It is terribly sweet to see Benjamin being gentle with the girls. :-)

My latest love!

*Wearing dresses!*

RD and I both agree they make women so attractive and feminine.

Not that pants are "bad" (or "manly-looking"), but there is something terribly attractive about a woman or a little girl wearing a dress.

Not sure I'll ever walk down the "dresses only" path, but I'm definitely on route to filling my wardrobe (and my girls') with more of them.

And might I add they are SO comfortable, especially in summer!!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Junk or treasure?

This morning my girlfriend and I went to a local subdivision-wide garage sale. I was specifically looking for clothes for my 4 (almost 5) year old boy. What a FIND!!! With $40 I came home with a huge garbage bag FULL of clothes!!! What a blessing!!! I am just so thrilled at how the Lord provides!!! I love garage saling!!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Reading Resource

Parents, please check out this website. I was so pleased to see that they have an enrollment program specifically for homeschoolers!!!