Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back in business!

Yea! Our computer's fixed and I can now upload pics!!!

Here's a preview of some of the latest:

The dollar store is the one of the best/cost effective ways to decorate for the changing seasons and holidays. Went there today and for a few bucks bought a watering can and filled it with Easter candy as a centerpiece.
*I know it's a tad early to be celebrating spring, but I've got the fever bad! I absolutely LOVE spring!*
My mom is a pro at finding cool craft projects for the kids to do. Here's one she found that I've been hanging onto for a special occasion. One of my girlfriends, Michele C., came over the other day with her two kids and together we did this super cute Martha Stewart hand puppet craft. It turned out so neat!

Here's Edmund's lobster.

Cassandra's pig, Arianna's puppy, and Benjamin's bird.

Eli's lion and Elisa's frog.

Here's Edmund posing with an extra sticker stuck to his nose.
What a ham!
Here's some of the sewing projects I've been busying myself with:

I made slip covers for (2) of our couch pillows (using that same shower curtain). It turned out really nice.

Up close.

The back.

Here's another apron I made.
It basically just covers my blossoming belly, but it should also work well when I'm not pregnant. Attached on the top/back a little loop so it can be hung on a hook. Wish you could see it better, but I tried my hand at some decorative stitching around the bottom and around the pockets. Also want to get some lime green thread from the store and add a little decorative stitching to the pockets.
Finally made a decision as to what to do this spring/summer in regard to our garden. We've decided to simply plant the following:
1- a flower garden for the kids (especially to attract birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds).
2- a flower garden of edible flowers (like nasturtiums, lavender, pansies, etc.) to add to salads and other food dishes.
3- a variety of tomatoes.

That way, if we can't regularly tend to the garden OR if we end up moving, there won't be a huge loss of crop. Our parents can enjoy the flowers and tomatoes! :-)
Couldn't believe it, but my Birth Kit came in today! That was FAST!

So.... We're ready when baby is!!!

Technically, I'm 32 weeks and 2 days pregnant. But at my last midwife appointment, I was measuring almost 2 weeks ahead. So I'm really not sure how far along I am right now! My next appointment is coming up, so we'll keep you posted!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nesting urges

And so it hits.... those nesting urges...
Gotta get my ducks in a row!

So far I've accomplished several sewing projects, which I'll get pics posted here soon. (We were having computer problems and so I haven't been able to download photos.)

Vacuumed out the van.

Ordered our birth kit.

Pulled out newborn clothes and blankets from storage. (Nearly cried with excitement whilst rummaging through it.)

Found breast pads/pump, bottles, baby bath tub, and sling.

Thoroughly decluttered the master bedroom: set up my craft/sewing/homeschool desk & made room for baby stuff.

Pulled out from storage summer clothes for the kiddos.

Working now on training the kids to sort their dirty laundry and how to properly fold & put their clean clothes away.

Things I still need to accomplish:
-go through kids' summer clothes to see what's missing/needs to be purchased
-purchase both a new Boppy and Pack-N-Play (after 4 kids, they're shot!)
-set up baby's area in master BR
-work out babysitting plan for kids for when I go into labor
-start storing up freezer meals
-set up an early birthday party for Arianna (whose bday is 2 days before my due date!)
-get a pack of newborn diapers
-get carseat out of storage

What's happening post-partum:
-my DAD is actually coming down to help out with the baby for a week following birth!!! Usually it's my mother that comes down, but she somewhat recently purchased her own cross-stitch store, and so, is unable to get a weeks' worth of time off. Thank you, dad!!!
-both baby and I are scheduling an appointment with the chiropractor. When Edmund was a baby it took him FOREVER to sleep through the night. He was just an overall bundle of fuss. Well, his back was out of alignment from being squished while inutero. So this time, we're going to have a visit to the chiropractor right off the bat!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birth Kit

RD and I ordered our home birth kit this evening!!!

A baby is really COMING!!! And soon!!! YEA!!!

What all comes in a birth kit?
-waterproof mats
-OB pads
-cord clamp
-paper towels
-tape measure
-afterbirth herbal bath
-stretchie brief
-peri bottle
-Mother's Milk tea
-bulb syringe
-latex gloves
-lube jelly
-finger & foot printer
-large plastic covering
-goldenseal capsules (for cord healing)

Everything you need to have a baby at home!
(Of course, the midwife brings her own stash of supplies as well.)

We still had quite a bit leftover from our other two homebirths, so we didn't need to get the complete package. We only ended up spending about $26 dollars. For first time homebirthers, the kit costs around $50. We order from

There's also other stuff we keep on hand for delivery:
-ice cream tub for the placenta
-receiving blankets
-baby hat
-clothes for delivery & postpartum
-30 gallon trash bag
-Boppy pillow

*contented sigh*
I just am SO thrilled to soon be having another little infant.
Ohhhh, nothing compares!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Preggo stats

Went to the midwife today and here's the latest on Baby #5!

*Still head-down, which he/she will probably stay as such considering how active I've been.
*Heart-rate: mid 140's; strong and steady
*According to the calender, I am 30 weeks/5 days along. But today, I was measuring at 32 weeks! Perhaps this little baby will come a little sooner! We'll see...
*Midwife approximated our little critter weighs 4 lbs.
*Need to start eating 6 small meals a day rather than three large ones. That is SO hard for me. Got some sort of voice in my head telling me not to snack, but when I don't I am famished by mealtimes... and then I end up eating too much. Hopefully with smaller more frequent meals, it'll curb my hunger and slow down my weight gain.

Everything looks good!!!

Exercise check-in

Week 7
Total Calories: 242.2
Total Time: 51:35
Weight Gain: ??? (need to weigh in tomorrow)

This weekend was crazy with dinner parties, parents visiting (yea!), birthday parties, church activities, etc. So I wasn't able to exercise as much as I would have liked to. But I was able to do some! This next week is MUCH less busy!

Secrets of the Organized

Compliments of Living on a Dime...

1. Never stop picking up.

  • Try picking up during TV commercials or while you are waiting for something to boil on the stove. You will be amazed how much you can get done in five minutes.
  • Have the entire family spend five minutes picking up the family room or living room before they go to bed. Set a timer for young kids so they don't get overwhelmed.
  • If your family members go to bed at different times then have each member pick up his or her items before bed time. Once this becomes a habit, you will be amazed how much easier picking up becomes.

2. Stop making messes.

  • Keep a trash can in every room. No one likes carrying one small piece of trash from the family room to the kitchen so it usually ends up on the floor. Keep small trash cans everywhere. In our office we have two trash cans, one next to the desk for throwing away regular office trash and one next to the shipping table for throwing away envelope tabs, extra invoices and other shipping trash. If you need two trash cans in a room put them in there. Make it easy to keep things clean.
  • Throw that sticky food wrapper straight into the trash. Don't lay it on the counter to make another mess that needs to be wiped up later.
  • Don't lay that dirty spoon on the counter. Rinse it and put it in the sink or dishwasher.
  • As you're undressing, don't throw your dirty clothes on the floor or on the furniture. While they are still in your hand, put them in the hamper or if they're still clean, hang them up.
  • Keep the hamper close to where you undress at night. If it is convenient, you will be more likely to use it.
  • Before you leave the bathroom, hang your wet towel on the rod. Don't drop it on the floor or leave it in a pile.

3. Think ahead.

  • What are you having for dinner?
  • Are the kid’s papers signed and ready for school?
  • What clothes are you wearing tomorrow?

4. Never, Never Procrastinate.

  • Keep straightening things all the time. For example, when you put away groceries and you see that the cans of soup have fallen over, take two seconds to restack them.
  • When you put linens or clothes in their drawers, make sure everything in those drawers is neatly stacked.
  • Pick up as you go. Each time you walk through a room, pick up something.
  • Stop thinking about it! Just do it.

5. Don't give up. Practice makes perfect.

  • Train family members to rinse their own dishes and stack them in the sink (or better yet to put them directly into the dishwasher). It may take a while to develop this habit. For kids, you may want to do something like charge each member a dime for every dish not rinsed or make them responsible for doing all the dishes for a week.
  • Remember Thomas Edison? What if he had given up after his first 5, 10, or 100 light bulbs? Where would we be now if he had thrown up his hands and quit at his first failures? The same is true with getting and staying organized. Keep practicing and you will create a productive new habit.

6. Attitude, Attitude, Attitude.

  • Stop dreading taking care of your home and start taking pride and pleasure in it. Think of an organized home as a special gift of peace and pleasure that you are giving your family. A disorganized one causes turmoil and frustration. Besides -- You probably spend more time worrying about it than it would take to clean it.

7. Use rooms for their intended purposes.

  • Don't let kids get undressed in the family room - that's why they have bedrooms.
  • Eat food at the kitchen table or bar, not in bed. This alone can save a huge number of messes.
  • Fold laundry in the laundry room immediately after taking it out of the dryer and put it away immediately.

8. Be a wise steward of your time.

  • If you see something that needs to be clean, clean it as soon as possible.
  • If something doesn't need to be cleaned, don't waste your time. If there is no dust, don't just dust because you dust every Saturday.
  • Don't overbook yourself volunteering at schools, churches or charities. Learn to say "no". Notice that I didn't say don’t do these things at all, just control how much you do so they don't take over your life.
  • Don't overbook your children with their activities, either.
  • Get rid of fruitless activities. Many of us spend way too much time talking on the phone, watching TV, shopping unnecessarily or killing time on the computer. These are all time robbers when you devote a lot of time to them.

9. Keep on top of things.

  • If you do small cleanings every day, you'd be surprised how much you can accomplish. In ten minute increments, you can do each of the following: wash the dishes, vacuum, file a pile of papers or clean your purse. It shouldn't take more than ten minutes for each child to pick up his room before bed and to lay out his clothes for the morning.
  • Don't let the laundry, dishes, toys and paperwork get out of control

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm alive...

I've just been a little under the weather for the past several days. Starting Saturday, I've been fighting off a tummy bug. On top of that, the baby's been growing leaps and bounds so I've had to battle the discomfort of stretching and pulling in my abdomen. Finally, it's coming to an end. YEAH! I haven't been able to exercise since last Friday. Going to try working out this afternoon on Low Impact and see how I feel. If everything's ok, I'll do Low Impact for a couple days and then bump it back up to Medium.

Here are my Week 6 stats:
Total Calories: 332.3
Total Time: 67:52
How Pregnant: 30 weeks (exactly)
Total Weight Gain: 24 lbs. (eek!)

Since I haven't been feeling good, during my down-time I've been busying myself with sewing projects. Here's what I've completed so far.

I took down those old brown curtains off our microwave cart (that were much more effective at being lint magnets) and replaced it with these. It's actually a shower curtain I found at Wal-Mart!!!

With that same fabric, I made a curtain for our living room computer desk.

Our couch cushions were getting so thread bare that we were starting to get holes. Slip covers are too costly (plus, they never seem to stay in place). And to get it reupholstered we'd really have to fork out the dough. So for $4, we purchased a twin bed sheet and my girlfriend and I sewed it into a giant pillowcase. It turned out really nice!

Next, with the same leftover shower curtain material, I'm going to make little slip covers for the blue striped couch pillows.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Weight status

I maintained from last week.

Total Weight Gain: 22 lbs

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What to do? What to do?

I'm in a bit of a predicament... and not sure quite what to do. I REALLY want a garden this year. A completely organic garden. The one I've been dreaming of and planning out for months! But a few wrenches (good wrenches!!!) have been thrown my direction:

1- Baby "F" is due April 22... prime planting season. I'm either going to be severely pregnant when the seeds/sprouts need to be planted or I'm going to have just had a baby!

2- I'm not sure where we will be living this summer/autumn!

For those of you that may not know, our growing family has been living in an apartment in the basement of RD's parents' house for a little over 4 years now. It has been a TREMENDOUS blessing! Absolutely beyond words! We were near drowning in debt between my school loans and the debt RD acquired from starting his business. Living here has given us room to breath and get things nearly completely paid off. PRAISE GOD!!!

So now we are finally in a position to begin looking for a house to call our own. We may very well be moving this summer... before harvest time.

What to do?!

I may have to take a year off. :-(

Exercise Stats

Week 5:
Total Calories Burned: 450.1
Total Time Exercising: 93:10
How Pregnant?: 28 weeks & 5 days

I forgot to weigh in Tuesday AM, so I'll have to do it tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


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