Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today's project: laundry room declutter



Many cleaning products went to the basement shelves.
Yea! Now the stool fits! And I won't be accidentally be kicking it!

Tricks for feeding a large family

*Rarely* do we serve just (1) food item at a time. If we did that, we'd PLOW thru food way too quickly. So for example this snack, everyone was fed, but we still have plenty of chips, almonds, & apples for a later time.

We do the same thing with breakfast. Everyone starts with (1) bowl of cereal. If people are still hungry, we give out things like 1/2 banana, cut fruit, handful of nuts, (1) granola bar (rather than both bars that come in a package), cottage cheese, applesauce, etc. If we let them fill up on cereal alone, we'd have to buy BOXES of them at a time.

We also do something similar with main meals.  We will oftentimes combine meats, like chicken and pork, or ground pork and ground beef, etc. so that each type of meat doesn't get plowed through in one meal and there will be enough left for some other meal.

Here's an example of our dinner tonight: stir fry.  There is chicken AND bacon in this.  Now, I still have 1/2 a package of chicken and several slices of bacon left for something else later!

Not sure if this saves on the grocery bill.  But it definitely prolongs the life and usage of food products.

Monday, November 18, 2013

My take on Trim Healthy Mama

So gobs and gobs of women are losing weight with Trim Healthy Mama.
And to those women, I say, KUDOS!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing about and seeing pics of people shedding pounds.  I find it fascinating.
I got on the THM bandwagon and gave it a good, honest try.  Really, I did.
I bought the odd grocery items.  I followed the plan.  I kept a food journal.
And the scale didn't budge.
Neither did I notice my clothes fitting more loosely.
Nor did I FEEL any better.
I don't know WHAT is wrong with my body, but THM was *not* a good fit for me.
Or my family.

What ended up happening is:
1- it was too expensive buying all these strange ingredients
2- lots of rules to follow (as to what & when to eat); large learning curve
3- I was eating separate foods from the rest of the fam, which also upped the grocery bill
4- because I was eating separately, I had extra stress during meal prep (hello- we have 6 kids!)
5- because of extra stress, the quality of food everyone else was eating went down (in attempts to simplify)
6- my weight wasn't budging, so it wasn't working
7- I have always been able to lose baby weight eating our old gluten free (GF)/fat & sugar & carb full way

In a word, THM caused me "stress".  Which is probably why my scale didn't budge.  I've read that stress increases one's cortisol levels, which in turn causes the body to cling to its fat stores.


I'm not terribly overweight right now.  But I could def stand to lose like 15-20lbs.  I'm currently 6mo's post partum with Baby H (aka Hadara Suzanne, The Cute, the most amazing baby EVER!) and my weight hasn't budged in I'd say a good 2 or so months.  I've done THM AND exercised.



I've ALWAYS been able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!  Usually by 6 months post-partum I'm either at pre-preggo weight, or well on my way there.
And all I ever did was eat gluten free, make almost all my meals from scratch (whole foods), & consume full fat/sugar/carb.
Yes, I watched my consumption.
Yes, I exercised.
No, I've never really struggled to lose weight.

So... for ME... bye bye THM and eating sugar free.

No, I am not giving THM a failing grade.  I've seen SO MANY WOMEN lose with THM.  I truly believe it works for *most* women.  And I will steer women that direction if ever they ask me for weight loss advice.

But every *body* (and family) is different.  And I believe mine was not a good fit.