Thursday, May 12, 2016

33 Weeks Pregnant!

Happy 33 weeks!

Things I've been doing to stay active and fit this pregnancy:
-food logging, using the app called YouFood (both Android & iPhone can use it). There's no calorie counting. Just posting pics of everything you eat/drink. You can also take pics of groceries, weight & fitness progress, inspirational quotes, etc. You can start topics and discussions. It's social media for food!!! I've got friends from all over the world that I'm linked to (so fun seeing what foreigners eat). You can "like" other people's posts and leave comments. You can post recipes. You can join special groups like "gluten free" or "whole 30" or "trim healthy mama", etc. You can join "goals" like "lose 1 pound a week" or "no sweets for 30 days" or "log food everyday", etc. There just so much to this app. I LOVE it!!! If you're already on there or decide to open an account, look me up: @mommaduck. Oh, and by the way, the app is FREE.
-walking (at least 1.5 miles) every other day
-diastasis correction exercises every other day. Now, I realize it's not very possible to fully heal the abdominal gap *while* pregnant, but one can def lessen the damage by doing (and *avoiding*) certain ab routines during pregnancy. For those of you not familiar with D.R., basically, this is what my abs look like right now:
I discovered I had D..R. after noticing my abs "coning" when I got in certain positions, like planks or sit ups. Finding this YouTube video helped put to words what I was seeing:

 So every other day I do (3) sets of (12) reps of these (5) exercises:

Once the baby is born, I can be more proactive about getting this gap closed. But in the meantime, because of D.R., I look more pregnant than I am. Can't tell you how many people think I look ready to pop NOW. They always seem so shocked when I say, "no, not till late June". You gotta remember, this is technically our 8th full term baby. Back in 2010 we lost a baby girl, Francesca Rose, at 37 weeks. So my body has been through a lot these last 13 years. It's not surprising that my abdominal walls are weak. Gotta get these bad boys *strong* again after birth!
-prenatal pilates & yoga every other day. My fav videos are: 1), 2), 3), 4) all (5) of this lady's series, and 5)
-arm toning w/ 5-7.5 lb weights every other day. I used to weight lift, but as my belly has been growing I've been chilling on the weight training. So I switched to arm toning.
-sitting on an exercise ball whenever I can. It helps both with balance and building core strength.
-chiropractic care-- regularly!!!
-sleep-- aiming for 8 hrs nightly-- and thanks to the body pillow my girlfriend is letting me borrow, I'm finally getting really good sleep! Hallelujah!

So basically, my w/o schedule looks like this:
Day 1- walk 1.5 mi + D.R. correction exercises + arm toning
Day 2- prenatal pilates and yoga
Then I just vacillate between the two days every day. Each day takes about 1 hr max. I'll take 1 day off a week.

Looking forward to the next 7 weeks. Feeling strong!!!

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