Friday, May 13, 2016

Birth Scriptures and Sterilizing a Bulb Syringe

Nesting urges are in full swing!
Trying to get things ready for the birth of Baby I.
This week I started rummaging through my last birth kit to see what all I had... and what all we still need.
Came across several pages of Scriptures and prayers for baby, birth, and post-partum that I had written out when we had Baby H. I was so happy to see this!
Can't wait to meditate on all these for our newest babe.

In the birth kit, there was a new bulb syringe, still in the packaging, unused...
but... the corner of the packaging had been torn open just a bit.
I half thought about getting a new one, but then I read online how to sterilize it again.

Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil.

With tongs, place the bulb syringe in the boiling water.
Roll it around, squeeze it, allow the hot water in the bulb, etc.

Boil for at least 5 mins.
When done, remove with tongs, and squeeze out all the hot water.

Place in a cup upside down to drip dry.

After it had dried, I wrapped it in a clean wash cloth, placed it in a Qt sized plastic bag, and just put it back in the birth kit. Good as new. :-)

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