Monday, May 09, 2016

It's Almost Baby Time

Well y'all... I'm pregnant again-- this time with Baby I! Right now I am 32 weeks along... will be 33 weeks along this Wednesday. D-day (6/29/16) is coming around the bend. EEEEEEEE. Here are a couple progress/belly pics:

I'll have a new pic ready Weds.

It's FINALLY getting to the uncomfortable stage. Most noticeable in the PM's, esp at night when trying to sleep. Between having to pee at the minimum (3) times, I'm limited in sleep positions. Basically, it's my right or left side. When one side goes numb, it's time to flip. But the flipping process is terribly awkward (moo) and somewhat painful in the pelvic region. *sigh* As unpleasant as this 3rd trimester stage is, the discomfort IS a blessing in that come week 40, I will endure ANYTHING (yes, even great pain) to get this kid out! I will WELCOME L&D with open arms and gratefulness.

Still planning on having a home birth. This will be the first baby born in our new house. We've had ALL of our home births in our itty bitty old basement apartment. So this will be a bit of a new experience.

Getting ready to place my birth kit order through In His Hands Birthing Supplies. They are a FAB company to work with. They pray over every kit that goes out. They have everything you could ever need for a home birth. And VERY reasonable prices (in comparison to other sites we've looked at).

Things looming over my head right now as we prep for Baby I:
1- gotta get baby stuff! Thankfully we kept our crib, pack-n-play, Boppy pillow, and breast pump. But as far as clothes, burp cloths, bibs, socks, blankets, etc... we have hardly anything. One, after (6) kids, what we did have was ratty. Two, we *thought* we were done with Baby H. HA! God apparently thought otherwise.
2- gotta get the baby's area ready in the master bedroom... and I gotta wash the pack-n-play.
3- end of the year school stuff. Kids will be done with their homeschool year June 2.
4- 4H. Gotta get these kids' projects completed. Our county's 4H fair is the week before D-day. Eeeek.
5- kids' clothing exchange. Oi. That's ALWAYS been a bi-annual headache for me. Some people whiz right through an exchange without a hitch. But me? It nearly brings me to tears each time. Don't know why, but it is terribly difficult for me to accomplish.
6- gotta get freezer meals prepared, esp since we have so many food allergies/intolerances in our fam. I suspect people will want to bless us with meals, but when they hear: no gluten, no corn, no bananas, no non-organic apple products... they kinda freak. I would. Wait, I do! LOL. It's honestly not THAT hard to manage-- and it's mostly our 5th child who has all these intolerances. The rest of us are pretty ok food-wise. Those of us who *thought* we were gluten intolerant can actually handle ORGANIC flours just fine. But kid #5 is certifiably NO GLUTEN.

Yeah... that's about it. *deep breath* It will all get done amazingly enough. And if not, oh well. Things always have a way of working out anyways, right?

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