Tuesday, May 10, 2016

~With Much Gratitude~

Thankfulness #1:
I have tried numerous times and numerous recipes to make homemade yogurt and it just doesn't.come.out.right. Tastes fine-- but the texture is super juicy. :-/ Guess my family and I are too spoiled with thick Greek Yogurt! Yum. Recently I posted on Facebook asking my friends and family for their tried and true recipes. My mom saw my post and offered me this!
It was just sitting in her basement! She *had* used it in the past, but has recently been making her own yogurt using a bread dough proofer machine. (Didn't know you could do that-- but she says it turns out wonderfully!) I cannot WAIT to try making our own yogurt with this!!!!

Thankfulness #2:
The last (2) nights I have had just awful sleep. My hips are starting to hurt. :-( Now I realize that I'm in the 3rd trimester and things are loosening/opening up for baby and delivery... but man, that's still 7 weeks away! I read online this AM right after waking up that having a pillow between your legs is super beneficial. And not just a small pillow separating your knees. Like a long body pillow that keeps both legs completely separated and parallel. If the ankles touch, and especially if they can cross during the night, it can cause hip pain. I was seriously considering purchasing a body pillow to get me through the remainder of this pregnancy when a dear friend of mine texted me and offered to let me borrow *her* body pillow that she used during pregnancy! I can't wait to use this thing tonight!!! Bring on good sleep!!!

My ❤ is full of thankfulness!!!

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