Friday, June 17, 2016


I wanted to let you, my dear readers and followers, know that I will no longer be posting new content here on the Growth As a Wife and Mom blog.

At this time, I have (3) blogs and (1) website that I am currently trying to maintain-- and that is no easy feat. To make things easier, I am consolidating.

All *new* material will now be posted at:

And yes, I have LOTS of material that I plan on posting!!!

So PLEASE come and follow me at Momma Duck! I'd *love* to see you there!!!

Note: I will NOT *delete* this blog as there are many useful & helpful links, articles, recipes, etc. that I want to keep available for people to find and read.

Wanted to let you know I am also on Facebook:
And I'm on Instagram: @MOMMA.DUCK.MEL
Aaaaaaand if you use the YouFood app on your phone, I'm there as well: @mommaduck

Thanks SO much for your readership & follows!!! ❤❤❤❤

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